The Hash Class Philosophy

Our philosophy for producing modern cannabis hash is founded on three core principles: We hold a deep respect for natural processes, prioritize purity in our products, and are dedicated to advancing our knowledge and understanding of the plant. These principles guide our mission to elevate the standard of cannabis products and foster a community that shares our dedication to nature, quality, and research.

Our class is divided into three comprehensive guides: Natural Farming, Ice Water Hash Production, and Hash Rosin Extraction.

Natural farming, also known as living soil, is our homage to the earth's wisdom. By recreating nature's methods we achieve healthier plants, increased yields, and superior resin production.

Ice water hash shifts from the common use of solvents for extract production to a safe and clean method: using freezing cold water to mechanically separate trichomes from plant material. This process not only ensures the safety of both the producer and the consumer but also guarantees a unique product - pure trichome heads.

Hash rosin takes ice water hash one step further and offers a solution to some of its challenges. Using only heat and pressure to extract the resin from within the trichome heads, this method ultimately provides a stable and user-friendly product. Hash rosin simplifies cleanup and is more forgiving with consumption temperatures, all while ensuring the extract remains pure and solventless.

The field of cannabis cultivation and extraction is ever-evolving, and so are we. To ensure our guides reflect the latest, we continue to seek out innovative techniques and update our resources.